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Crowds, Echoes and Communication with Parallel Universes

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The existence of a Multiverse has many philosophical consequences (and it just makes so much more physical sense than having us living in a Goldilocks Universe). And as the Multiverse has been postulated from actual observations, we can almost say we can test its existence.

Of course it would be all much more interesting if we could talk to a parallel universe.

Or would it? Communication between Universes may actually be made rather difficult by a “crowding echo effect“.

Imagine I were to try send a message via a quantum interference pattern, for example.

Obviously, all my quasi-identical copies from “nearby” parallel universes quasi-identical to my own Universe, would be trying to send quasi-identical information via quasi-identical ways at quasi-identical times: so we could all be creating so much noise as to make the reception of any message next-to-impossible.

Even more paradoxically, we could actually be reading each other’s message: but since those messages would all be quasi-identical to each other, we could mistakenly convince ourselves that we were listening each one only to his own echo.

After all what meaningful information could anybody exchange with a quasi-identical copy?

It may take a very very long time to figure out the minute differences between the two and those may as well be undetectable or absolutely irrelevant.

Written by omnologos

2007/Sep/21 at 21:00:13

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  1. My goodness I have a quasi-headache after reading this! I enjoy learning about the multiverse and found you in the ‘science’ tag. Lots of wonders to read about here–I’m glad I dropped by and will be back.


    2007/Sep/22 at 05:53:56

  2. Good thoughts. The issue with this line of argument though is trying to deal with this stuff with the conscious mind which is an epiphenomenon of the thing that created the thing you are trying to describe and get a handle on. You need to engage the other two forms of mind to get to grips with it, IMHO.

    Tom Evans

    2007/Sep/22 at 07:57:02

  3. Tom

    What other two forms of mind are you referring to?

    Besides, if I were to use either of those, wouldn’t all my “nearby copies” do the same, so that we would all fail to hear each other?


    2007/Sep/22 at 23:02:16

  4. Hello Omnologos (or anyone else).

    I believe that I have been communicating with beings from another universe.

    Like you mentioned in your article, communication with them is distant and sometimes cloudy like there is some sort of interference. they seem close yet far. I don’t think, though, that they are in any way a copy of myself because they seem to be far more intelligent.

    I can respond to all of them but I cannot initiate conversation. They are not always “there”.

    There are a few of them. They seem to want knowledge of some kind. they also seem to be trying to point me in a certain direction and want something from me. They tell me that I am getting closer to understanding what it is they want me to understand.

    Is this possible? Any info would be helpful. Thank you for your time.


    2007/Oct/22 at 01:40:39

  5. If the particles we are made of exist in a wave of probability… then we may live on a wave of probability and there may be a way to communicate with alternate realities that have the same tech. Eventually this could lead to an infinite internet. One way to connect with alternate realities is via time travel. A time machine would act like a transceiver to parallel universes with the time machine in it.

    Daniel Hazelton Waters

    2008/Dec/03 at 04:59:22

  6. There is a potential filter for communication between universes. The communication interface between them will depend on the communication channel, which (if we can apply our own understanding of communication theory) depends on the similarity of the transmitting universe and the receiving universe. The greater the difference between the universes, the greater the “impedance” between them.

    One parameter that may characterize a universe is its curvature. The curvature will change with time as each universe expands. Two universes that began expanding at the same time would have similar curvatures (assuming they expanded at the same rate). However, one that formed before, or after the other would have a different curvature and it would be less likely that communication between them would be possible.

    R. Dick

    2010/Jan/02 at 04:22:29

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