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Overpopulation’s Roots

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One day within the last three hundred thousand years, a human not yet Sapiens cried the loss of a child.

Humanity has been trying since not to survive its progeny.

I say, even if mortality rates vary a lot across the world, all in all as a species we have achieved such a goal.

Overpopulation should be a source of pride, not just of worries

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2007/Oct/31 at 19:10:16

Formula for a Happier Life

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Absolutely disregard all opinions you don’t like

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2007/Oct/30 at 21:17:59

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Sense and Global Warming

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From a message by Willis Eschenbach:

I also think that increasing GHGs [greenhous gases] will warm the earth … but that is not the real question to me. The real question is, how much it will warm the earth. To date, I have not seen any “useful quantitative results” regarding that question […] …

Once those quantitative results are in, we can proceed to the next question: is a warmer earth better or worse on balance?

The globe has warmed quite a bit since the 1600s, and in general this has been of benefit to humans. The sea level rise from the historical warming has not been a significant problem. In addition, a warmer world is predicted to be a wetter world, which overall can only be a good thing.

So, will warming be a problem, or a benefit? This is a very open question, and one which will be difficult to answer as some areas will win and some will lose. To date, however, recent warming seems to be occurring outside the tropics, in the night-time, in the winter … this does not seem like a bad thing.

And at some future date when those questions are answered, we can proceed to the final question, viz: If GHGs are determined to be a major cause of the warming (as opposed to land-use changes, or black carbon on snow, or dark colored aerosols, etc) and if we determine that the warming will be on balance a negative occurrence, is there a cost-effective way to reduce the GHGs, or are we better off putting our money into adaptation?

Until we can answer all of those questions, we should restrict ourselves to actions which will be of value whether or not there is future warming.

The key is to realize that all of the problems that Al Gore is so shrill about are here now with us today – floods, heat waves, famine, rising sea levels, droughts, cold spells, and all of the apocalyptic catalog are occurring as I write this.

Anything we can do to insulate the world’s population from these climate problems will be of use to everyone no matter what the future climate holds.

That is, “anything we can do to insulate the world’s population from these climate problems” “here and now.

And that’s exactly what climate change catastrophists (not to mention climatofascists) cannot seem to grasp, with their fixation on GHG reduction, and their absurdist mixing of known problems with potential issues, like in the recent UN Geo-4 report.

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2007/Oct/28 at 22:53:50

The Elementary Coincidence of Watson and Holmes

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2007/Oct/27 at 10:18:19

Indianification – Part 1

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Mumdalli, raayruglu IT-ina bhaarata kade

Hogi Barthene!

Gomaalanasu Durgadesha

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2007/Oct/25 at 21:04:18

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Misguided Attempt at Pleading for Reduced Carbon Emissions

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Unfortunately, nobody could remember having even looked at the placards…


google or wikipedia “miss earth 2007” to know more about the latest attempt at taking advantage of contemporary trends

Written by omnologos

2007/Oct/24 at 22:38:10

Campaign Sites Cannot Click

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Alex Beam wonders on the pages of the Boston Globe and the International Herald Tribune why “campaign sites just don’t click“, i.e. (not his words) why the web sites of 99.999% of politicians make people cringe if not inspire immediate visit to YouTube to watch awful Britney Spears dance routines instead.

I have my dream answer to that.

Campaign site can’t click because on the Internet sincerity can only be faked for a limited amount of time, only to change into ridicule.

And so despite what media gurus will try to sell, until a sincere politician shows up, campaign sites will never “click”

Written by omnologos

2007/Oct/23 at 20:57:25