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Last Updated: March 10, 2009

“There is no problem that does not have a solution, however sub-optimal”

Maurizio is an experienced electronics and computing technologist and scientist, with more than 15 years of practice in fields as diverse as biosignal analysis, image capturing and trading systems for investment banks, and a variety of interests, including the long-standing study of international relations, economic and social development, the energy sector and space technologies.

Fluent in English, Italian and French and proficient in German and other languages, thanks to his natural predisposition towards learning, Maurizio holds a Master degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Pisa, Italy, and a Diploma in International Relations and a Certificate in Development Studies from Birkbeck College, London.

A published journalist and technical and scientific author in English and Italian publications, Maurizio has recently been accepted as Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, the London-based space-advocacy group.

Maurizio has built up a considerable know-how in system analysis, with a multi-level approach that includes among others the logical/architectural point of view, the underlying technological processes, transport protocols and computing code, and the functional capabilities for the end-users and the support team. This approach has enabled him to improve the performance of a number of systems beyond the vendor’s specifications.

With solid UNIX and SQL skills, hands-on experience on both software and hardware, during the course of his career Maurizio has played the role of internal resource, team leader, project manager, account manager and external consultant, acquiring a wide understanding also in the areas of client management, scientific analysis and visualization, imaging, cluster computing, 4GL and investment banking processes and products, including Bonds, Equities, Derivatives, FX, Credit Derivatives and Commodities (Base and Precious Metals).

At present, Maurizio is widely sought after for advice by his peers regarding the Murex trading system, and helps friends and acquaintances “find the unfindable” on the Internet.

Maurizio has a natural ability for teamwork, including applying (and inspiring others to apply) a systematic and structured sharing of knowledge and experience, including wikis, and making use of his innate, gregarious sense of empathy, and of considerable experience with producing and delivering highly-readable, insightful reports, engaging presentations and effective training to a wide variety of audiences.

Maurizio has worked in Italy, Japan and Germany before moving to the UK. Among his current interests, the conundrums that surround the drive for sustainable development and renewable energies, and the issues regarding oil, from oil dependence to the “curse of oil”.


Career history

Capco, London (previously known as “City Practitioners”) – 2004 to present
Senior Consultant, Investment Banking
• Implementation, authoring and management of knowledge-sharing tool (“Confluence” wiki by Atlassian) in three major banks, and at Capco HQ
• End-to-end system implementation (Murex)
• Full functional and technical system analysis
• Disaster Recovery implementation and testing
• Coordination of Integration Testing, including management of testing dependencies
• Second- and third-line support and support management
• TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analyst
• Production Environment Manager
• Technical management of EOD processes across multiple locations
• Implementation of cluster computing
• Various levels of training provided to coworkers
• Clients: HVB/Unicredit, Swiss Re, ABN AMRO, Bank of America, Standard Bank, JP Morgan, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC

Commerzbank, London – Sep 1998 – Dec 2003
Development and Support Analyst, then Web Account Manager and Team Leader
• Managed a 12-strong team developing web applications in three continents, for internal and external Clients
• Selected for, and attended in-house 18-month team leadership training
• Implemented knowledge and content management tools
• Second- and third-line support and system development
• Significantly enhanced the trading system’s capabilities beyond the vendor’s own claims.
• Designed test plan for migration to new version
• Learnt how to use a “Balanced Scorecard”

Matrox Ltd, Swindon, UK – Oct 1997 – Sep 1998
Applications Engineer, Imaging products
• Pre- and post-sales client support, on software and hardware
• Significantly enhanced the image capturing system’s capabilities beyond the vendor’s own claims

ZIBMT, University of Ulm, Germany – May 1996 – Sep 1997
Visualisation and Image Analysis specialist
• Analysis of human brain activity using functional and structural MRI signals

NIBH, Ministry for International Trade and Industry, Tsukuba, Japan – Jan 1994 – Mar 1996
Visualisation and Image Analysis specialist
• Analysis of human brain activity using functional MEG and structural MRI signals
• Development of 3D physical brain model to be used as “dummy” in tests

LINE Informatica, Florence, Italy – Jul 1992 – Dec 1993
Software Analyst
• Software development using 4GL system (PRO-IV)
• Devised ways to enhance the programming language’s capabilities, and to automatically generate code documentation
• Managed the translation of the user interface in Hungarian and Portuguese


  • Certificate in Development Studies(*) : Birkbeck College, London (2006)
  • Diploma in International Relations: Birkbeck College, London (2003)
  • Master degree in Electronic Engineering: University of Pisa, Italy (1992)


  • British Interplanetary Society (BIS) member since 1985
  • Fellow of the BIS since 2008
  • Planetary Society member since 1990
  • IEEE 1990-2007
  • In the past, Amnesty International regional manager, and volunteer first-aider for the Red Cross
  • Peer-reviewed publications in the fields of lunar exploration and neuroimaging
  • Article “The Service-Oriented Enterprise”, in “Adaptable Enterprise newsletter” by the Ark Group, January 2004

• Fluent in English, French and Italian
• Proficient in German
• Basic Spanish, Japanese, written Portuguese
• Elementary Arabic, written Dutch

(*) Certificate could not be awarded for bureaucratic reasons

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