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Your wit, (and your wisdom) are highly valued by this member.  You have a way of defusing a situation before boiling point is reached, and I believe we all appreciate it, even though some will never respond thus.

Maurizio is one of lifes great people, he gives the precious gift of knowledge, and he encourages great thought and debate. He doesn’t go for the pat or glib answer, he goes for the right answer, and always researches it. Glad to have connected with you, always glad to read your blogs, you have one of the finest minds I have ever encountered, don’t let it go to waste. Ever.

Maurizio is challenging, and his thought-provoking blogs *always* make you think hard before commenting. His contributions to Ecademy are much appreciated and really do make this community a more interesting place.

Maurizio’s prose justifiably stands out here on Ecademy, always a refreshing read

Maurizio’s blogs are one of the best things about Ecademy. Away from the mundane concerns of life coaching and business techniques ‘the universe and all that’ affects us all and the closer we get to understanding it and how and why we came to be here, the more value we will be able to place on our mundane actions, hopes and aspirations.

One of the cleverest people on Ecademy complete with a touch of madness. Where would be without Maurizio’s genius and madness? Not progressing that’s for sure.

Maurizio has interesting views and I like the fact that he expresses them in two languages

I really appreciate Maurizio passion and courage. I am reminded that the derivation of the word, courage is an ancient term meaning, ‘heart’. Healthy community requires such commitment. Maurizio’s values connect us all.

I am impressed by Maurizio’s persistence, determination, and courage in standing up to what he believes in. Keep up with the spirit, Maurizio!

Maurizio isn’t afraid to say what he thinks, and it’s clear that he thinks before he says it. Keep up the good work!

Very helpful – great networker!

Maurizio is literally a man of quality words, and is someone who keeps his word. He is definitely one that pays deep attention to detail, and takes action to correct issues in order to meet the highest quality possible.

It’s refreshing to see someone with your professional values and goals who actually puts them into practice ! I had a look at your blog and agree with all of it by the way. Hope a few more people read it and get the message.

Written by omnologos

2007/Dec/19 at 22:00:36

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