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Taking Ownership of Our Online Identity

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Robert M Lucky’s thoughts on IEEE Spectrum magazine for May 2007 deal with the problem that our online identities are seemingly out of our hands:

No one I know seems to like what the Internet thinks of them. It seems that there is a haphazard collection of vignettes that lack any coherence or soul.”

Well, there IS a first line of defense, and that of course is to “attack”.

As we are almost certain the Internet will talk about each one of us, then why don’t we talk about us, ourselves first?

We are free to write whatever we want in blogs, comments, articles, anything and everything that will put our preferred vignettes in that “haphazard collection“.

For all but the most famous people, internet search sites will quickly turn into showing our self-generated content on top of everything else: alas, and indeed, as each ego is the sentient being most interested into itself.

Written by omnologos

2007/May/14 at 23:07:24

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  1. Your post has merit Omnologos.

    Like the concept. Have you tried it out yet i.e. created different persona and attach a particular typology.
    Should be fun.

    Winslie Gomez

    2007/May/14 at 23:18:05

  2. Thank you Winslie, that sounds like a great idea to generate pretend traffic to my blog 😉

    But lest somebody googles only to think I am a fake, let me say “no, I haven’t tried”…

    There’s all sorts of people on the net, I am sure there are plenty that use multiple personalities already.


    2007/May/14 at 23:53:43

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