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a. if you cannot score you cannot win

b. if you beleve your midfield is the strongest in the world, it isn’t

c. it is easier to simulate than to suffer a foul

d. if you want to fall it is far more convenient to do it in the opponents’ penalty area

e. putting a defender at just one of the goalposts is not enough

f. defending by using the offside rule depends on all the defenders being awake and aware of their surroundings

g. it is better if your goalkeeper has previous familiarity with the rounded thingy everybody else is kicking around

h. lots of goals against a weak team are no evidence of greatness

i. referees’ influence on the result cannot be underestimated

j. if Blatter speaks in the morning against touching the ball with one’s left hand, use the right one

Written by omnologos

2006/Jun/27 at 21:53:31

3 Responses

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  1. *chuckles* True. World cup fever strikes again. What is with the refs this year, though?


    2006/Jun/28 at 00:54:05

  2. >What is with the refs this year, though?

    I am afraid it’s something we cannot write about without being libelous 😎


    2006/Jun/28 at 05:24:53

  3. LOL! Alright then, I will continue to grumble to myself 😉 Though, wouldn’t they be considered celebrities of some sort. They were on international television.


    2006/Jun/28 at 14:56:57

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