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Berlusconi and the Financial Times – Clueless Influence of Context-challenged Reporters

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(this letter has been censored by the Financial Times)

– in reply to “Baleful influence of Burlesque cronies”, FT, May 27


As activists in the Italian “Freedom People” (“Popolo della Liberta’”) party’s supporters group in London, we would like to express our sincere thanks for having graced Your esteemed newspaper with a brand-new Editorial about our Party’s President and Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi (“Baleful influence of Burlesque cronies”, May 27).

In fact, one doesn’t have to evoke the ghosts of powerful Cardinals in Paris at the time of the Bourbons, to understand that there is no such a thing as bad publicity. Who knows what people would do to be the object of Your attention, and there we have Mr Berlusconi getting it for free…surprisingly (or not) at a time when the UK political class has been shown to be far from perfect as a result of the MP’s expenses scandal!

Your very choice of words (“very wealthy, very powerful and increasingly ruthless man”) sounds like a deep-seated admiration of Mr Berlusconi. Surely there is nobody left nowadays thinking that “ruthless” would be a derogatory term for a politician?

And we fully agree with You in saying the Mr Berlusconi is no harbinger of fascism (yes we are pleased to see that You feel the need to repeat that same concept again and again!).

But please let us dare a little criticism of Yours. What influence, malign or otherwise, has prevented You from explaining in a little less than 500 words what exactly Mr Berlusconi’s “malign example” would be? Or is your worry about the “media sapping the serious content of politics, and replacing it with entertainment” stemming from first-hand experience with Tony Blair’s “Cool Britannia”, and with many years of journalistic manipulation in Britain by the now-forgotten Alistair Campbell?

And perchance next time You will find some time to mention some other facts that Your readers need to be told in order to be able to understand the Italian political zeitgeist. Mr Berlusconi has been under investigation almost uninterruptedly for 15 years. Such investigations curiously began exactly at the time he entered politics, yet the exact accusations against him have been constantly changing. And all along Mr Berlusconi’s opponents have been transfixed by his personality, to the point of making their hatred and personal attacks their very raison d’être…so much so that the Italian opposition is nowadays hitting evermore far below the political belt, with innuendos about Mr Berlusconi’s sex life, age, mental health, personal probity and even his ability as a father.

It seems like the only things Mr Berlusconi has not been accused of are the beating up of old ladies in the street and the torturing of house pets. Perhaps Your Rome correspondents would like to be the first ones going down that route?

Or perhaps they, and You, will decide that the time has come to begin reporting about Italian politics in a thoughtful, comprehensive, non-partisan manner that goes beyond caricatures and prejudices? We are confident you know what we mean – because it would be like going back to the be part of the best the news media has to offer, exactly as you suggest, dealing the “serious content of politics”, rather than engaging in entertainment.

Maurizio Morabito(*) and Ilaria Filippi(**)
“Freedom People” (“Popolo della Liberta’”) Party’s Supporters Group in London

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2009/Jun/01 at 21:14:40

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  1. […] See original here:  Berlusconi and the Financial Times – Clueless Influence of Context-challenged Reporters […]

  2. Maurizio, you are defending the indefensible. All the world is laughing at Italy for tolerating such a buffoonish scoundrel as her PM, and you allege that the British press is unfree? What smoke are they giving away in Berlusconi’s parties (either the political one, or the ones held in his villas)? Let me remind you that the even the government-owned BBC did not refrain from publishing embarrassing revelations about Tony Blair’s Iraq war, and the dynamic duo Blair-Bush counts few friends, and less favours, in both Labour-leaning (Independent, Guardian, Daily Mirror) and Tory-leaning (Times, Daily Telegraph) press. If some spine bothers you, you should really consider going back to Italy.

    Enzo Michelangeli

    2009/Jun/02 at 03:39:24

    • where do I suggest that the British press is unfree?


      2009/Jun/02 at 05:34:41

      • Where you talk of “many years of journalistic manipulation in Britain by the now-forgotten Alistair Campbell”. The attitude of the British press, despite the attempts of Blair’s spin doctors, has been a model of independence when compared to the fawning behaviour of Italian mainstream media (even when excluding the ones on Silvio’s paybook such as Il Giornale and its ilk). Thanks God for the existence of papers out of Berlusconi’s reach…

        Enzo Michelangeli

        2009/Jun/02 at 11:41:42

      • Enzo – have you followed the Gilligan/Kelly story a few years ago? Having had almost direct experience with the British press, I don’t think of it as freer than its Italian counterpart…rather, “differently free”


        2009/Jun/02 at 20:37:29

  3. Dear Maurizio,

    the onslaught of the Italian Press ( I underline “Italian”) shows that it is free from Berlusconi’ interference.
    During the electoral campaign we, italian citizens, have been inondated by news about his sexual ( unproven) peccadillos, his media power (!) , his matrimonial misadventures – publicised with cruel timing by his wife Veronica in the daily The Repubblica .
    What more examples does the English press needs ?

    Let’s see what happened in the USA to the President Clinton, accused by uncontroversial testimony from a certain Monica :
    he lied , he behaved cowardly, he refused to step down, he wasn’t impeached , and he insulted the poor girl (“that woman”), making her life a Calvary ever since, while he enjoys celebrity status and goes around the world soundly rewarded by teaching other people how to behave.

    Has anybody noticed the difference ?

    Maria Luisa Cohen

    maria luisa Cohen

    2009/Jun/10 at 11:21:32

    • maria luisa – truly it’s always the girl that gets ruined, look at what happened with all sexual innuendos about Italian ministerial posts, and all of those innuendos coming from a political side that was supposed to be against the demeaning of women for political reasons


      2009/Jun/10 at 12:47:01

  4. […] Simply, all BBC reporting about Italy is invariably left-leaning (from an Italian point of view). That’s because the Italians they interview are 99% of the time only Italian journalists writing in leftist newspapers. I remember once months ago there was some time given by BBC Radio4 Today to a recorded statement by an Italian non-leftist MP, drowned by untold number of live radio minutes given to a leftist journalists. Same happens with the Financial Times. […]

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