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Jackson vs. Obama – a Complex Relationship

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Some background details about Rev. Jesse Jackson’s “unkind remarks” about Barack Obama:

The relationship between Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama is multifaceted. For example there is Jesse Jackson, Jr., son of Jesse of course, Representative for the State of Illinois.

Obama is in the Senate in Washington representing exactly Illinois. Furthermore, Jesse Jr. is national co-chairman of the Obama electoral Campaign (as mentioned on International Herald Tribune/New York Times).

There is also Michelle Obama, Barack’s spouse and a long-time friend of one of Jesse’s daughters and once even babysitting at the Reverend’s home (it’s been recently talked about on The Economist).

One should also keep in mind that Jackson, recalcitrant but participant to Farrakhan’s Million Man March in 1995, didn’t have problems at the time in denouncing the large number of African-American absentee fathers, something Obama is currently talking about.

On the other hand isn’t Jesse Jackson an expert in the topic, having has an extramarital daughter himself in 2001?

Poor Reverend: second to Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X, and to Farrakhan, second to Mondale and even Dukakis, and now at risk of disappearing behind Obama and (shcok! horror!) Jesse Jr…

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2008/Jul/13 at 07:06:08

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  3. Jesse Jackson versus Barack Obama: A clash of Two Ideologies

    My working definition of ideology is ‘a formed belief that governs a person’s actions. The prevailing ideology or assumption in mainstream “Black” American society up until Bill Cosby, was one that seemed to tilt in Reverend Jackson’s favor. Obama, like Bill Cosby, appears to deviate from a prevailing Black ideology by taking a fresh look at an intractable problem that up until now, few have been courageous to deal with (in mainstream America).

    Thank God for the roles of our civil right leaders in the 1960s, laying the foundation for social equality etc.

    Yet, while America may not be totally where it should be, it certainly isn’t where it used to be. Interestingly, this statement I have just made about America seems to be very controversial. This brings us back to the issue of ideology.

    The Jackson-ideology would suggest that the gap is not only wide between black and white, but much hasn’t changed since the 1960s. The Obama-ideology sees much progress in race relations since the 1960s and seeks to take advantage of the opportunities. Obviously, Obama has proven this true.

    By running on a campaign framed not on race, but on an America that needed new direction, he captured the democratic nomination despite his race; thus proving that America is not what it used to be.

    In the end Obama’s ideology wins out. The inequities do not erase the opportunities, and the opportunities do not erase the inequities. While we acknowledge the inequities, we must make sure we are taking advantage of the opportunities.

    It was Jesse Jackson who introduced “Ebonics” to the American lexicon, thus injecting the notion that Blacks needed a lower standard to cope in mainstream society–that single action is very revealing and downright insulting to his fellow African Americans. To me, this is speaking “down” to our sensibilities.

    Telling a person to take personal responsibility is speaking “up” to our potential for endless possibilities. As a matter of fact, you are better positioned to address social inequities with credibility when you take personal responsibility.

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