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The Perfect Cosmological Principle, or The Cosmology of the Ecclesiastes

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While analyzing the consequences of modelling the Cosmos as a collection of a huge number of Parallel Universes, I wrote some 18 months ago:

[…] We have learned that our planet is not the Center of the Universe. Apart from being able to harbor life, Earth is a run-of-the-mill planet in an average star in a not-so-special galaxy, belonging to an ordinary Local Group gravitationally linked to a Supergroup like many others, in a corner of the Universe that is not extraordinary at all

Let’s call that the “Banality Principle”, with us since at least since the times of Copernicus […]

As it happens, it is called the Copernican Principle indeed.

It is already quite important as it is, since it means we can investigate physics in our own vicinity and assume that the laws we observe are the same throughout the Universe.

There is another step usually missed though: if we just expand the Copernican Principle to include time, then the hypothesis is that then the same things will keep happening.

This is the so-called Perfect Cosmological Principle, rejected in the past because undermined by the overwhelming evidence for the Big Bang, a”Beginning” and therefore a “special Time” in the Universe.

However, this argument fails in in a Multiverse Cosmos, where the Big Bang is just one of many. If that is the case then, the Ecclesiastes may very well be right:

1,9: The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun

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2008/Feb/11 at 22:46:40

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  1. A fan of the first session TV series the sliders.

    Doing a bog search on my favorite subject I come across this site. I’m reminded of one a my favorite science fiction parallel universe about 4 people lost riding the legendary Einstein/ Rosen bridge ( wormhole portal) to many parallel universes trying to find their way back home. From the pilot on, the 4 travelers meet their fair share of doubles on the way.

    I would have though the bridge could only be greeted from the deep well sinking of black holes in deep space, not an artificial one created by an antigravity experiment here on earth in a student’s study. Never the less I though it was a romantic series anyway.

    Curious how Quinn Mallory’s antigravity experiment pulled it off, I set about discovering how his experiment did it. I’ve created a blog spot called (http://) time travel and parallel universe theorie (.blogspot) that outlines my thoughts of duplicating Mallory’s experiment in the hope I could duplicate a copy of Mallory’s bridge.

    I soon discovered the bridge much less a time machine has a far two much compressive on the laws of mathematics let a lone the laws of physics as we know it for any possible work rounds seem impossible.

    Geoffrey Thomas

    2008/Mar/03 at 01:53:48

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