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Global Warming May Be Just European

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Readers of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report – Working Group 2 (AR4-WG2) may be forgiven to think a colossal misreading of available data may be at the foundation of contemporary Climate Change/Global Warming scares.

That report contains a map of “significant changes” (SC) already observed around the world. It is repeated throughout, and you can see it in the Summary for Policymakers, page 10, Figure SPM.1.

A total of 29,459 SCs are reported. An impressive number, at first glance.

Only, 96% of those changes regard just Europe.

The IPCC itself could not list more than 1,225 SCs not related to Europe.


This enormous geographical bias does not get better when we count how many of those SCs are actually “consistent with a warming world”.

Planet-wise, there are 26,285. Of those, 96% are in Europe. Actually, 25,022 are European SCs related to “biological systems”.

That’s 95% of the total.

That means that outside of Europe, the IPCC could not find more than 1,150 SCs “consistent with warming”.

Compare that to the number of European SCs NOT-“consistent with warming”: 3,100

We have twice as many changes that are INCONSISTENT with warming in Europe, than CONSISTENT with warming in the rest of the world.


Note also the distribution of the other “observed changes”. Only 7 for the whole of Africa, 114 for Asia, and 144 for the Polar Regions.

But what is most notable is that in the whole of North America (where, one would expect, a lot of researchers reside), only 810 SCs have been reported. Of those, 752 are consistent with warming.

That’s 3% of the total.

So for a summary: 96% from Europe. 3% with North America. Almost nothing for everywhere else.

How global can that be?

Written by omnologos

2007/Dec/11 at 13:34:27

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  1. So the massive “zone in” on North America was just a targeting practice because the US is a world super power?


    2007/Dec/12 at 19:10:09

  2. DespairsRae

    Apart from the USA obviously, wherever you are in the world, you can’t do wrong by criticizing…the USA ;-P


    2007/Dec/12 at 21:15:24

  3. WHAT! I would think the United States would be the largest culprit. Look at how many vehicles and large corporations they have. [plus BUSH is a real idiot] Oh well….. I guess Europe needs to buckle down on emissions and global killers.

    controlling chaos

    2007/Dec/12 at 21:15:55

  4. My only guess is that if there’s no data, there’s no point in guessing. Get going and get the right stuff measured.

    And since I suspect that’s what has been done in North America like in Europe, the fact that there are 32 European “significant changes” for each American “significant change” can only mean one thing: changes are occurring, but mostly if not only in Europe.


    2007/Dec/12 at 21:32:24

  5. This shows that data is being analyzed in a way to fit preconceived results. In Argentina the Ministry of the Environment published a huge report showing the damaging effects that man-made global warming had on Argentina. According to the IPCC there have been no noticeable effects on our country.

    What’s worse, Patagonia has been cooling during the last 35 years, (shown by the fast advance of the Perito Moreno glacier) and the center of the Argentinean territory has been cooling since 1987 (shown by the increasing number of very late frosts –November 14th frosts caused a 50-90% percent loss of crops in Buenos Aires Province. Severe fruit crops losses in Mendoza and Córdoba. And this last winter was the worst recorded since 1918, with a year that showed a consistent 2 to 4ºC below average temperatures for every month, even with a snowfall in Bariloche, the ski resort, on February 18th, in the middle of the summer.

    Eduardo Ferreyra

    2007/Dec/13 at 03:30:00

  6. […] Warming May Be Just European 21 12 2007 (originally published as “Global Warming May Be Just European” on Dec 11, […]

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