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IgNobel Peace Prize A More Likely Contribution to Peace than Al Gore’s

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Apparently one of the reasons for Al Gore and the IPCC to receive the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize relates to “green” being nowadays equal to “peace”.

This is absolutely a fantasy as there are many, many wars and conflicts around the world and not even one can honestly be related to climate change or global warming.

The one example that is always used is the remote possibility that increased drought would be behind the Darfur genocide. Such a link has been fabricated in a recent UN report and it is a shameful way of abandoning all those women and children while providing a ready-made excuse for the people committing the genocide.

All that, because a bunch of rich people fear that world temperature may go up 2C in 40 or 100 years, and can only get their worries on top of everybody’s agendas by stocking up fears?

The issues about Darfur have nothing to do with climate. And in any case, on the entire rest of the surface of the planet there is not a single other place where armed conflicts can be even remotely connected to any presumed, measure or modelled change in the climate.

Israel is bombing nuclear targets in Syria and Damascus did not even complain, and we think that peace will come from lowering CO2 in the atmosphere??


The contribution by Al Gore and the IPCC to present or future peace remains a mystery indeed. And other big questions remain open:

  • Why give a Prize before the fact, when we do not even have a Kyoto-II Agreement?
  • Why a political award to what is supposed to be a non-policy-making international body of scientists like the IPCC?
  • Why not a Nobel Prize in Physics for the IPCC if the science of global warming is strong enough to justify their efforts that earned them a Peace Prize?
  • Why can’t concerned IPCC scientists group themselves outside of the Panel, thus separating Science from politics?

All in all, this year’s IgNobel Peace Prize does seem a more likely contribution to peace than what Al Gore and the IPCC have not yet done:

PEACE: The Air Force Wright Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio, USA, for instigating research & development on a chemical weapon — the so-called “gay bomb” — that will make enemy soldiers become sexually irresistible to each other.
Harassing, Annoying, and ‘Bad Guy’ Identifying Chemicals,” Wright Laboratory, WL/FIVR, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, June 1, 1994.

A bit far-fetched, perhaps, especially about attracting annoying creatures, eliciting halitosis and the extraordinary application of the old slogan Make Love Not War to the battlefield: still, the Wright Laboratory’s efforts were (are?) about changing the nature of the armed conflicts of today, not the ones some very worried people are imagining now will happen in five or more decades.

Written by omnologos

2007/Oct/13 at 21:17:14

3 Responses

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  1. I haven’t read or listened to Nobel’s statement awarding the Prize for Peace to Al Gore. But I have read and listened to his speeches in opposition to Bush Iraquagmire and read his book Assault on Reason, and I can attest to the belief that no one deserve this prize more than Al Gore – certainly no American.


    2007/Oct/14 at 17:02:44

  2. Maurizio,
    I saw your comment on the Al Gore blog site for the IHT and New York Times run by Libby Rosenthal. GOod post. Curious, have you ever heard of my idea of polar cities, and what do you think of the idea?

    email me at danbloom GMAIL

    Polar cities should be in active construction within 50 years. These
    SPR’s, sustainable polar retreats, in other words, will function
    primarily to house potential survivors of catastrophic global warming
    events in the far distant future, perhaps by the year 2300 or so. It’s
    good to be prepared, according to the U.N. Homelands Security Office
    in Oslo, and these polar cities, situated in both polar regions of the
    planet, will be capable of handling up to 2 million people — human
    breeding pairs and their families — to ensure the continuation of our
    species. After the Earth’s temperatures cool enough to permit
    resettlement of the planet’s temperate and tropiocal regions again,
    the polar cities will become historical oddities and turned into
    musuems, according to the UN office. Learn more online, just google
    “polar cities” or check the Wikipedia entry for them.

    Danny Bloom

    2007/Oct/17 at 13:18:48

  3. in fact, pro or con, however you feel, Maurizio, i would love to hear your POV on polar cities idea, and maybe you can do a blog item on them, just to start a discussion. I have been working on this idea for about a year, got idea from reading Lovelock of course, and there is a method to my madness, ask me.

    Danny Bloom

    2007/Oct/17 at 13:22:23

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