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Revolting Expressionist Movie

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Hard to know if a (future?) release of Knallharte Jungs in the English-speaking world should be saluted with a smile or a cringe.

Is that the most revolting expressionist movie ever made? I am not even sure if I should admit watching it, and even laughing at (some!!!) of the jokes.

It definitely gives a new old meaning to the expression “comedy gags”…

Anyway, if anybody will have the (mis)fortune to see “Knallharte Jungs”, you will get to know “Wanda”, the immortal non-homosexual transvestite character that should deserve its own movie. And a veritable catalogue of ever-more-ridiculous devices for the lonely male. And scenes where the director and authors may have tried to virtually shower the generation of their forefathers with something unmentionable.

Still I think it’s an expressionist movie. Or I hope it is. For example the male friend of the main character is clearly the personification of the latter’s talking “reproductive organ”. Also, one of the most lecherous men every imagined in the movies becomes an almost-credible girl to talk to one (at one point, seeing his fake breasts rise, as helium balloons).

I’ll say no more…

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2007/Aug/03 at 12:47:48

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