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The Death of Climate Change

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G-8 leaders are preparing to go through the motions about “doing something against Climate Change” (presumably, with similar successes as their wars on poverty and drugs). Countless pacts, accords, international conferences have not meant much as yet, and in all likelihood they won’t make any perceivable difference in the future either.

In the meanwhile, the “science” of Climate Change is as clay-footed as ever. A leading IPCC reviewer publicly states “We should respond prudently to the threats from climate change“. The NASA top honcho Michael Griffin commits the cardinal sin of saying the obvious against all “consensus”:

I’m not sure it’s fair to say that [global warming] is a problem we must wrestle with […]

I would ask which human beings—where and when—are to be accorded the privilege of deciding that this particular climate that we might have right here today, right now, is the best climate for all other human beings.

In a further sign that something is amiss, there is not even the suggestion of designing a satellite capable of collecting global data and possibly evidence of global warming / climate change.

GoreSat itself is not mentioned anywhere, despite sitting ready to fly for the past 7 years.


The above clearly indicates that “Climate Change” as a real issue has died already, or is at a terminal stage.

At best, it has revealed itself as a proxy for something different, at worst a smokescreen, ancillary issue.


Let’s give everybody involved the benefit of the doubt. What is the real problem they are concerned about, then, if “Climate Change” is just a proxy?

Possible candidates include: (1) the will to counteract the power of global companies by establishing some kind of (toothed) global government; (2) a general feeling tha Humanity must be cleansed of its sins, especially of greed and of disrespect for the Environment; (3) a way of keeping the development of places such as China and India in check, by making their lives difficult with newly-fangled emission caps.


But the one trouble I am presently more inclined to consider, it’s (4) the worry that there simply are too many humans alive at the same time, and their numbers keep on increasing: at the same time, we have the attitude but not the tools nor the will to provide them all with a decent life.

That’s a much more interesting topic than silly measures of atmospheric carbon dioxide and unreliable, patched-up, secretive historical temperature recordings.

Written by omnologos

2007/Jun/01 at 01:32:23

3 Responses

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  1. Climate change and global warming are not going away in the near future, and it’s troubling that you don’t see it as a problem. Just to clarify one point, the temperature records are not secret, they are publically available at the National Climate Data Center website – at least for US sites. Just as an example, I downloaded the temperature and precipitation measurements in Tucson, Arizona. As shown, the temperature has been increasing and the precipitation decreasing. Whether natural or not, this is not a good trend for an arid area that is experiencing a huge population growth. It is good to see that you think over population is a problem. In my view, over population is one of the causes of the CO2 problem. As shown with some simple calculations, roughly 8% of anthropogenic atmospheric CO2 emissions are due to human respiration.

    N. Johnson

    2007/Jun/01 at 12:55:38

  2. They may not have gone away yet, but as I said in all likelihood they’ll die as soon as more science data get collected

    see for example the entries about temperature adjustments at


    2007/Jun/01 at 13:02:54

  3. The fact that Tucson is heating up is not unusual. All urban centers have tended up with the expansion of the reflective surfaces creating an “urban footstep”. Temperature reading taken in rural areas have not shown the same increase.

    D Danhoff

    2007/Jun/01 at 15:04:59

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