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Gulf Stream Myths

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Myth #1: The Gulf Stream will fail if a massive outpour of freshwater will come out of Greenland glaciers due to increasing temperatures.

Answer: No, it most definitely will not. As explained by Carl Wunsch, Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physical Oceanography at the MIT in Cambridge, Mass. (USA), in a letter published on The Economist:

The Gulf Stream is a wind-driven phenomenon (as explained in a famous 1948 paper by Henry Stommel). […] Shut-off would imply repeal of the law of conservation of angular momentum […] focusing on near-impossible Gulf Stream failure is an unproductive distraction

Myth #2: The Gulf Stream is responsible for the milder weather in the United Kingdom and part of Northern Europe than North American regions at similar latitudes.

Answer: No, it most definitely does not. As explained by Richard Seager, Senior Research Scientist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, in an article published on American Scientist:

That the Gulf Stream is responsible for Europe’s mild winters is […] nothing more than the earth-science equivalent of an urban legend.


Seager’s comments are particularly telling on how current Climatology is self-destroying by way of catastrophism:

Pretty much everything we had found could have been concluded on the basis of results that were already available […]

All Battisti and I did was put these pieces of evidence together and add in a few more illustrative numerical experiments. Why hadn’t anyone done that before? […] The blame lies with modern-day climate scientists who either continue to promulgate the Gulf Stream-climate myth or who decline to clarify the relative roles of atmosphere and ocean in determining European climate. This abdication of responsibility leaves decades of folk wisdom unchallenged, still dominating the front pages, airwaves and Internet, ensuring that a well-worn piece of climatological nonsense will be passed down to yet another generation.

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2007/Mar/18 at 09:24:49

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  1. Well all that is a bit over simplified. The gulf stream is only wind driven to the mid-Atlantic, where it splits into two. And, the northern split is driven by a thermohalin pump which could possibly diminish due to the warming.

    And the gulf stream is responsible for around 5 degrees of N coastal Europes warmth.

    If the northern gulf stream did fail, England’s climate would not turn into one resembling Newfounland’s. That is a myth. Winds warm N Europe, other winds cool Newfoundland. Some parts of Europe would just be 5 degrees cooler. Damaging, but not catastrophic.


    2007/Apr/10 at 02:53:23

  2. […] Gulf Stream Myths 14 03 2008 (originally published on 18 March 2007 as “Gulf Stream Myths“) […]

  3. yall are either extremley stupid people or more likely
    government employed web propagandists

    either way make like the wind and BLOW as in get lost

    Lacuna Coil

    2008/Apr/03 at 20:22:27

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