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Climate change in the Solar System: Earth, Mars…and now Jupiter!

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(first published on May 5, 2006)

After doomed Earth, populated by evil sinners driving devilish gas guzzlers, and Mars, where "deposits of frozen carbon dioxide near the south pole have shrunk for three summers in a row", here comes more evidence for Climate Change

This time's Jupiter!

Possible explanations:

1. Ghoulish oil companies have been making a larger mess of the Solar System then previously thought

2. There's lots of SUVs around, and I mean LOTS

3. Hot air from major scientific and political institutions talking about upcoming disasters, has been contaminating ever larger portions of the interplanetary space

4. There is a climate change clique with mental health problems, and they see evidence of global warming everywhere, including pictures of Jupiter and crop circles

5. All those NASA probes to the planets were launched mainly to carry millions of tons of CO2 and give Martians and Jupiters a good heath haze


6. Current warming trends on planet Earth are related not much if at all to human activity

Feel free to pick the one you find more likely

Written by omnologos

2006/Jun/16 at 00:29:04

2 Responses

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  1. You forgot one:

    7. Planets have different orbits around the sun, and thus have different Milankovitch cycles.

    Kim D. Petersen

    2006/Aug/16 at 07:28:35

  2. You’re right Kim. In any case, multiple CC concurring on different planets is worth an investigation


    2006/Aug/16 at 09:47:55

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