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Fools and Global Warming

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Open Letter to Richard Littlemore of DeSmogBlog 

Dear Richard

As much as I appreciate your blog for its reporting of the Environmental Wars conference, that I quite sadly was unable to attend, I find the "Jesters" entry more than a bit shameful, with all its unwarranted ad-hominems

If you really believe in an upcoming Climate Crisis, it makes no sense to cloud the debate with your unfunny attempts at humor.

They'll just elicit just as (un-)funny remarks on other blogs and website, about the "close-minded fools" of the "global warming lobby", and so on and so forth

iow, they won't take you or anybody or the planet's climate anywhere

They could actually be used by some to "demonstrate" that the "global warming lobby" has no arguments

Trusting you won't give up your day job for stand-up comedy, I'll keep looking in your site for more substantial opinions by you

Written by omnologos

2006/Jun/15 at 07:33:07

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  1. Maurizio, we agree, There was nothing in the Jesters post that was particularly funny. I wasn’t kidding, or playing for laughs, when I called Michael Crichton George Bush’s fool. I quite sincerely believe that the man (Crichton) is a acting as a clown — abandoning the burden of reason for the pleasure of provocation. At the end of a day in which a string of Nobel quality academics presented the science in a sober, succinct and devastatingly clear way, I think he demonstrated that admirably.

    In the old English tradition, kings kept two kinds of fools. Some were clever advisors who, by cloaking their criticisms in jest, could lead the king to better conclusions. Others were simply kept around to amuse — to encourage the king in his excesses.

    I sincerely believe Crichton is the latter — and no, I don’t think it’s funny.

    Richard Littlemore

    2006/Jun/16 at 22:17:33

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