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Making your own free buttons to get instant feedback (with Ecademy example)

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(1) Please make your own buttons. You can use the ones I have created at your own peril. I may change them, rename them, etc etc

(2) The instructions below may appear complicated. However, it is really easier done than explained. You really have to prepare the button-related code just once and then save it in your signature. If you want hyperlinked text, you will then have to re-edit your blog just once and insert the blog id in the code

(3) Experiment with it at will in order to familiarise yourself with it. As your "sandbox", send a message to yourself using the code

(4) There is an example at the bottom of this article

(5) All of this can be easily modified to accommodate for different kinds of feedback

(6) Any questions, contact me here



(a) Preferably, get your own buttons made and available on the net

1. Go to Button Maker and create your own button (or buttons)

2. Once each of them is created, save it to your PC (right-click, "Save Picture as")

3. Upload the buttons on your website of choice (eg where your own domain is hosted)

4. Collect the URL for each button (to be used later in substitution of BUTTON_URL)

***NOTE*** = You can get plenty of buttons at Steal These Buttons

(b) Use the buttons on your Ecademy blog You will need the following:

AUTHOR_ID = your Ecademy ID number (the number in your My Account hyperlink

HYPERLINKED_TEXT = text that will appear in the message, hyperlinked to your content

NON_HYPERLINKED_TEXT = text that will appear in the message, non-hyperlinked to your content Add the following button-related code to your signature/article/blog

(substitute the Bold variables with the values listed above)

<a href="[body]=%3Ca+href%3D%22node.php%3Fid%3CONTENT_ID%22%3EHYPERLINKED_TEXT%3C%2Fa%3ENON_HYPERLINKED_TEXT"><img src="http://BUTTON_URL" /></a>

***NOTE*** = Words in the text need to be separated by "+" (plus) signs, not spaces

(c) Submit your content Note the blog ID assigned to it by Ecademy (you can find that by clicking on the blog's title and looking at the URL in the address bar)

(d) Edit your blog to complete the URL in the message Substitute CONTENT_ID with the blog ID value found at point (c)



Using one of my buttons to create a message "Please blog me like this" to me about blog 57161

AUTHOR_ID = 22560

HYPERLINKED_TEXT = Please blog more


CONTENT_ID = 57161


<a href=""><img src="; /></a>

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